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Negotiating For All You’re Worth

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Whether you are aware of it or not, you encounter situations every day where you need to negotiate. You negotiate with your vendors and clients when prospecting, selling and during after-sale service. Team building and project management require negotiations with co-workers and other internal customers. Each of these scenarios requires clear, effective communications.

A negotiation is any communication in which you are attempting to achieve the approval, support or action of someone else. Debra Schmidt will teach you the skills you need to be a successful negotiator whether you are negotiating a million dollar business deal or honoring a service request.

Applying these skills help you gain more respect, more money, and more successful agreements with your clients, vendors, boss and co-workers in all types of business negotiations.
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You'll learn:

  • Types of negotiation
  • The impact of behavioral styles on negotiations
  • 6 basic negotiation principles
  • How to prepare
  • Setting goals and limits
  • How to maintain emotional distance
  • Communication tips and body language
  • The secrets of successful client negotiations
  • How to close the deal

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