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Life Can Turn on a Dime – How to Manage Workplace Change

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Most organizations today are constantly reshaping themselves, shifting and flexing to fit our rapidly changing world. That’s the only way to survive in this fiercely competitive environment. Look for it to restructure, outsource, downsize, subcontract and form new alliances.

You need to know that resistance to change is almost always a dead-end street. The career opportunities come when you align immediately with new organizational needs and realities. Organizations want people who adapt fast, not those who resist change. Companies put people in charge who are behind their efforts to change the organization. They promote people who get on board and turn the people who commit to the change into organizational leaders.

Fear and resistance to change in the workplace can be transformed into creativity and innovation. This humorous, interactive and thought-provoking program will teach you how to identify barriers to change build rapport and reduce conflict. Debra J. Schmidt will teach you leadership skills that will help you and your team effectively manage change.

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You'll learn:

  • Why some people resist change
  • The negative consequences of resisting change
  • How to identify and remove barriers to change
  • How to recognize the benefits of change
  • How to effectively communicate change
  • Common mistakes made by managers
  • How people respond differently to change
  • How to reduce conflict and increase productivity during change
  • Characteristics of an effective change leader

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