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Business Development Consulting

Founded in 1997, Loyalty Leader® Inc. is a value-based consulting firm that specializes in talent development and cultivating leadership potential.

We create collaborative partnerships, involving client personnel and resources, and the transfer of skills to the client. Our goal is to focus our expertise to support specific objectives with clearly established outcomes and timing, contributing to our clients’ business goals.

Our experience and results indicate that improved performance requires investment in people, systems, and support structures, rather than spending more on new initiatives. One of the fundamentals of our success is to utilize the existing talents, energy, and resources within the organization to enhance customer satisfaction and business goals. This is accomplished by identifying and honing employee skills, directing talents, and maximizing productivity.

Loyalty Leader consulting services and training seminars result in employee ownership of the customer experience, innovative sales techniques, enhanced communication skills, and improved collaboration between work teams. This is done in partnership with our clients through strategic planning, developing customer service standards, employee training, and maximizing leadership skills.

We have partnered with more than 180 companies throughout the United States to assist them with business development strategies. Clients served range from small firms and nonprofits to corporate giants such as Northwestern Mutual, Case New Holland (CNH), U.S. Bank, and Miller Brewing Company.

Our engagements are usually completed within one to six months with a follow-up support plan in place to provide resources that will keep the momentum strong.

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Creating a Customer-Focused Culture

Package #1 – Assessment and Program Development

Debra J. Schmidt will create a customized blueprint and help you to develop a comprehensive Customer Service Initiative for your organization that includes the following:

  • Conduct two (2) information-gathering meetings with management representatives to evaluate your current service culture and help you to establish key objectives.
  • Facilitate four (4) solution-oriented staff meetings with teams throughout your organization to identify strengths and barriers as they relate to customer service and sales goals.
  • Develop customer service standards and accountabilities.
  • Outline an ongoing internal training program to teach and reinforce customer service skills.
  • Develop a reward and recognition program with clearly defined criteria.
  • Develop a theme supported by an internal marketing and communications plan.
  • Define, plan and assist with the implementation of a company-wide kick-off event.
  • Identify training goals and needs.
  • Unlimited phone consultation throughout the entire process.

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