Loyalty Leader University

Building Solution-Oriented Teams through the Power of Possibility Thinking

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Why do some people have more success than others? They have trained themselves to look for the positive possibilities at work and in all areas of life.

They have learned how to:

This highly interactive, humorous program will provide you with the tools and insights you need to help you achieve a competitive edge.

Debra J. Schmidt will teach you to take ownership of your actions and attitudes and how to build a solid team of possibility thinkers. Don’t miss this program if you want to improve your outlook and learn how to reach greater success by becoming a hope booster, confidence creator, enthusiasm generator and optimism spreader!

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You will learn:

  • 6 ways to embrace the benefits of change
  • How to become a coach rather than a critic
  • How to use “I” language to confirm understanding
  • 8 ways to turn customer complaints into solutions
  • Easy rules to follow to create a whole team of possibility thinkers
  • 5 key actions your customers want from you
  • The power of a promise
  • Why your customers are your best sales team
  • 6 ways to exceed your customers’ expectations
  • Secrets for stimulating business NOW

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