Tune Up Your Telephone Skills

Tune Up Your Telephone Skills

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First impressions are lasting impressions. That’s why every telephone conversation counts. The impression you make on an internal or external customer is entirely dependent upon the way you sound. A single phone conversation can determine whether or not a customer will continue to do business with your company.

The way you handle each call reflects on your department, your company and, most importantly, on you. Learning to see things from the customer’s point of view can help you to develop an excellent phone presence.

During this workshop, Debra Schmidt will teach you how to tune up your telephone skills in order to present a more professional image of yourself and your organization.

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You will learn how to:

  • Answer the phone correctly
  • Project a professional image through your tone of voice
  • Quickly identify your caller’s expectations
  • Build loyalty even when you put a caller on hold
  • Transfer calls correctly
  • Build trust by putting your customers at ease
  • Regain control and help your customers get to the point
  • Handle complaints
  • Eliminate weak words and expressions that annoy customers
  • Take complete and proper phone messages
  • Conclude calls effectively

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