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Email Etiquette for Everyone in the Workplace

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Email is the foremost method of communication used in business today. The number of emails sent on an average day is expected to exceed 10 billion worldwide in this coming year. This exceeds the daily number of telephone calls, faxes, and standard mail messages combined! Because of its abuse and misuse, email is doing more damage to workplace and customer relationships than any other form of communication. Email is causing businesses to lose customers and breaking down co-worker relationships.

When employees use email improperly, it serves as a serious source of frustration for their co-workers and customers. The daily misuse and abuse of email is causing major damage to businesses.

Email etiquette refers to a set of guidelines that has been developed by business and communication experts to address concerns about the ineffective and inappropriate uses of email. Following these guidelines will help you to facilitate professional communication with your co-workers and customers.

During this workshop, Debra J. Schmidt will teach you how to properly use e-mail to make it a highly effective tool for workplace communications and building solid co-worker and customer relationships.

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You'll learn:

  • The 6 most common email myths
  • The problems caused by using email improperly
  • E-mail etiquette
  • How to enhance your credibility through professional email messages
  • The secrets of using e-mail to build customer and employee loyalty
  • 7 easy-to-follow guidelines for creating effective email messages
  • The 4 rules of sending attachments
  • How to make long messages easy to read and remember
  • What “flaming” is and how to avoid it
  • Email — when to use it; when to lose it
  • The 5 questions you need to ask before you click the “send” button

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