Employee Training

Training & Speaking FAQs

What you need to know about Deb's presentation format

What types of training do you offer?

We provide customized on-site training to companies, professional organizations and trade associations throughout the United States. Loyalty Leader training workshops result in enhanced customer service skills, improved employee attitudes, effective sales skills, more productive work teams and clearer workplace communications.

How long are your keynote presentations?

Keynote presentations can fit your time-frame to be as short as 45 minutes or as long as 90 minutes.

How long are your workshops?

You can choose the time frame that works best for your team. Deb’s training programs are available in the following standard formats:

• Half-day: 3.5 hours (morning or afternoon)
• Full-day: 3.5 hours in the morning, lunch break, 3.5 hours in the afternoon

How are your workshops designed?

All workshops are fully customized to meet the training objectives of your organization. Each program is presented on site at your company or designated location. The seminars are highly interactive and include group discussion, learning activities and skill development.

Why do so many businesses retain your training services annually?

She consistently receives rave reviews and has built tremendous loyalty with her clients. She has a long list of companies and organizations who place their trust in her training year-after-year. Managers, human resource personnel, and meeting planners know they can count on dynamic, professional training guaranteed to contain current and relevant material. Employees are motivated and talking about what they have learned long after they attend Debra’s programs.

Why is on-site training with you a good investment?

Research shows that poor service is the number one reason that businesses lose 91 percent of their unhappy customers. Deb motivates employees to take ownership of service. Her straightforward style, interactive approach, and delightful sense of humor hooks even the toughest employees, and keeps them engaged. Her programs are filled with practical tips and ideas that employees can easily comprehend and apply in the workplace. After training, Debra provides support through resources such as webinars and coaching to help your organization maintain its customer-focused momentum.

What do your clients have in common?

They represent more than 200 businesses who have placed their trust in Debra J. Schmidt to deliver high impact on-site training.

As the CEO of Loyalty Leader® Inc., Debra J. Schmidt is in demand as one of the nation’s top customer service experts. She is the author of Building Customer Loyalty from the Inside Out and has over 30 years of business management experience. Deb has developed service standards and delivered training for companies throughout the United States, helping her clients attract and retain loyal customers and exceptional employees.