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The Power of ONE! Building Customer Loyalty from the Inside Out

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Printable workshop description: The Power of ONE Building Customer Loyalty From the Inside Out

Customer loyalty is the responsibility of every employee within your organization. It is earned by building positive relationships, one customer, and employee at a time. Loyalty-focused companies outperform their competitors each and every time. Loyal customers are more pleasant; they purchase more products, refer new customers and are more forgiving when problems occur.

Debra Schmidt will teach you how to build customer loyalty through a combination of powerful facts, entertaining stories, and interactive exercises. She will help you identify the expectations of internal customers (co-workers, employees) and external customers and teach you how to surprise and delight your customers through exceptional service.

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You'll learn:

  • How to calculate the lifetime value of your customers
  • The top 6 reasons customers leave
  • Why satisfied customers are not enough
  • The impact of customer loyalty on your organization’s success
  • Co-workers — the forgotten customers.
  • How deliver exceptional internal service
  • The cost of getting new customers
  • How to avoid committing the 7 deadly sins of customer service
  • How to avoid the #1 customer loyalty killer
  • How to build loyalty with an angry customer
  • The 5 keys to building customer loyalty
  • How to become a Loyalty Leader for your organization

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