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Building Solution-Oriented Teams through the Power of Possibility Thinking

Why do some people have more success than others? They have trained themselves to look for the positive possibilities at work and in all areas of life.

They have learned how to:

This highly interactive, humorous program will provide you with the tools and insights you need to help you achieve a competitive edge.

Debra J. Schmidt will teach you to take ownership of your actions and attitudes and how to build a solid team of possibility thinkers. Don’t miss this program if you want to improve your outlook and learn how to reach greater success by becoming a hope booster, confidence creator, enthusiasm generator and optimism spreader!

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You will learn:

  • 6 ways to embrace the benefits of change
  • How to become a coach rather than a critic
  • How to use “I” language to confirm understanding
  • 8 ways to turn customer complaints into solutions
  • Easy rules to follow to create a whole team of possibility thinkers
  • 5 key actions your customers want from you
  • The power of a promise
  • Why your customers are your best sales team
  • 6 ways to exceed your customers’ expectations
  • Secrets for stimulating business NOW

Workshops & Keynotes

Building Rapport Through Effective Communications

The way you communicate with others goes beyond the words you say. Your attitude, body language, communication style and personal appearance are key elements in how successful you will be in your career. Every interaction you have with a co-worker or customer is an opportunity to build or damage your personal credibility. Learning how to adapt your communication style to build greater rapport and trust will help you create positive workplace relationships.

The DISC Behavioral Style Analysis tool and team exercises will be used during this half-day, interactive workshop to equip everyone on the team with tools to help them build greater rapport with their co-workers and customers. Deb will teach you how to create a more professional culture, and significantly improve the quality of internal communications.

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You'll learn:

  • How to build your personal credibility
  • Communication facts
  • The power of body language
  • Positive and negative words
  • The impact of attitude on your success
  • Barriers to effective listening
  • Ways to overcome listening barriers
  • Discovering your behavioral styles and how others perceive you
  • How to recognize other people’s behavioral styles
  • The power of first impressions and how behavior affects your social interactions
  • How to adapt your communication style to build rapport with others
  • Communication etiquette
  • Planning productive meetings
  • Steps for improving teamwork and productivity
  • How to recognize opportunities for proactive communications

Workshops & Keynotes

Cubicle Etiquette – How to Create a Pleasant and Productive Workplace

Cubicles or “cubies” abound whether you work in a Fortune 500 company or a small family-owned business. Cubicles serve the purpose of allowing many employees to occupy a single floor while providing an enclosed workspace. When you don’t qualify for the corner office, a “cubie” can be a “home away from home,” a place where you can hang family photos and even funny, yet tasteful, cartoons. But, if you’re currently housed in a cubicle, you know that there is no such thing as privacy. Shared workspace is like working in a fishbowl.

During this interactive, humorous seminar, Debra J. Schmidt will teach you 32 easy-to-follow rules of cubicle etiquette that will help strengthen relationships with your workplace neighbors… co-workers.

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You'll learn:

  • How to greatly reduce noise
  • How to handle private conversations
  • Food and smell etiquette
  • The do’s and don’ts of cellular phones in the workplace
  • How to reduce the number of interruptions
  • Cubicle decorating tips
  • Tech etiquette — screen savers, answering machines and more
  • Many more tried and true tips guaranteed to improve any workplace environment
  • How to develop a cubicle code of ethics for your department

Workshops & Keynotes

Team Building

Team Building Training

All Workshops Are Presented by Debra J. Schmidt

Reconnect your team with its purpose and passion. A “high-performance work team” is comprised of goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills who collaborate, innovate and produce consistently superior results. The group relentlessly pursues performance excellence through shared goals, shared leadership, collaboration, open communication, clear role expectations and group operating rules, early conflict resolution, and a strong sense of accountability and trust among its members.

Transforming groups of employees into real teams requires a set of tools and a shared commitment to the mission of the organization. This highly interactive, humorous program will provide you with the tools and insights you need to give your team a competitive edge.

You’ll learn how to get your employees to take ownership of their actions and attitudes.  You’ll discover what makes a group effective or ineffective and learn how to build solid teams.  Discover whether you’re a coach or a critic and gain an understanding of your leadership style and how it impacts others.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Managers and supervisors
  • All employees who need to work as a team
  • Business owners
  • CEOs

Team Building Training Workshops