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Pamper Your Loyal Customers to Increase Sales

December 28, 2016

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Customer service is selling. It is excellent service that inspires customers to return more often and purchase more products. According to a study by the American Management Association, loyal customers who make repeated purchases because they like the service could yield 65 percent of an organization’s sales volume.

Yet, there is a tendency for business owners, customer service employees, and sales representatives, to focus their energy in the wrong direction. Things are out of balance when you’re spending more time trying to get new customers than you are on building solid relationships with your existing, loyal customers.

Why do so many employees in companies take their loyal customers for granted? It’s simple, they don’t recognize the incredible power this customer base has on their bottom-line results. Sales reps are constantly being told to spend their time prospecting for new customers. While prospecting is important, it’s self-defeating if it’s done at the expense of building loyalty with current customers.

In many businesses, the productivity of a customer service representative is measured on how many calls he or she completes each day, rather than on the quality of the interactions with their customers. When managers refuse to view service as a marketing strategy, they fail to recognize that a few extra minutes on the phone with a customer could make all the difference in future sales.

Loyal customers are your cheerleaders. They are the people who spread positive word-of-mouth advertising by telling others about your company. They are the customers who will refer new business to you. They will continue to purchase more products and services from you. And, loyal customers are more forgiving when problems do occur.

Exceptional customer service is a powerful selling tool that will give you and your company a long-term competitive advantage. Pamper your loyal customers so they feel recognized and appreciated. Send them an unexpected “thank you for being a loyal customer” surprise such as a handwritten note, gift card or a book. Call them on a regular basis just to check in, say “hello” and wish them well. Make sure these calls have no strings attached.

They will reward with you with their loyalty, purchases and most importantly, by telling their friends and colleagues that they trust you enough to give you their business.

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