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Ignite a Spirit of Service! Celebrate National Customer Service Week

September 4, 2013

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More tips to help you celebrate Customer Service Week:

  • Spread the word about National Customer Service Week throughout your organization. Announce your celebration plans to your customers and employees through email, newsletters, posters and even voicemail messages. 
  • Give each employee a small desk mirror to remind him or her to smile when talking to customers. 
  • Once you’ve developed a customer-focused theme, make it visible throughout the company.
  • Challenge each department to come up with theme-related decorations. 

Celebrating Customer Service Week is a wonderful way to show your customers how much they are valued. It is also the perfect time to recognize and reward employees for a job well done by reinforcing the important roles they play in building customer loyalty.Organize a Customer Service Week celebration in your company in order to maximize these benefits:

  • Boost morale, motivation and teamwork by rewarding front-line reps.
  • Raise awareness that customers are the reason employees are at work. Customers are not an interruption of their work.
  • Generate goodwill by thanking employees in every department for their contributions to the customer service chain.
  • Thank your customers and remind them of your commitment to customer care. 

Event Planning Tips!

  1. Plan, plan and plan! Lots of advanced planning will ensure that you cover all the bases. A well-coordinated event, with attention to detail, will have the greatest impact.
  2. Encourage members of the planning committee to create activities that are enjoyable for the employees. Make it fun!
  3. Make sure celebration activities don’t interfere with customer service.
  4. Create a buzz! Let employees and customers know what is planned and why. Anticipation is half the fun!  
  5. Generate publicity. Send news releases to local media announcing your company’s plans for Customer Service Week. Invite reporters to attend related events. 
  6. Select a theme. You can have one theme for the week or a different theme for each day. The theme will help you select decorations, food, activities and costumes. 
  7. Schedule customer service refresher classes or webinars for employees at all levels of the organization to refresh everyone’s skills on the principles of building customer loyalty.
  8. Create Loyalty Leader®, Extra Mile or Positive Attitude Awards. They can be presented to employees who have been selected by their co-workers for delivering exceptional customer service. Gift certificates make great prizes.

2013 National Customer Service Week is October 7 -11Start your planning early in order to achieve maximum participation by employees and generate publicity for your organization. The purpose of National Customer Service Week is “to create a positive message that lasts all year long and to provide a productive opportunity to generate an even stronger commitment to customer service excellence.” Each year, thousands of businesses around the world celebrate “Customer Service Week.” It’s an international event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and honoring the employees responsible for taking care of customers.Here are some theme ideas:

  • Smile! Your Attitude is Showing 
  • Customers First 
  • We Care 
  • Customers Forever 
  • Spotlight on Service
  • Going the Extra Mile!  

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