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7 Tips for Hiring Customer-Focused Employees

November 30, 2017

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In order to create a culture of customer service excellence, a company needs to build a team of trainable employees who are easy to motivate.

Here are 7 tips for hiring customer-focused employees:

  1. Only select people who are naturally friendly, helpful and people-oriented.
  2. Hire people based on attitude first–skills second. Skills can be taught. Attitude is a choice.
  3. Hire people who are not embarrassed to provide great service.
  4. If a job candidate can’t smile during the interview, they won’t smile at their customers.
  5. Communicate to a prospective employee that great customer service delivery will be a primary measurement of their performance evaluations.
  6. Ask the candidate to define customer service excellence during the interview.
  7. Ask your best employees to recommend friends “of whom they can be proud” for job vacancies.

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