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10 Effective Meeting Guidelines Encourage Staff Input to Improve Service

March 4, 2023

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The best way for a business to increase customer loyalty is to encourage input from employees. Here are 10 meeting guidelines for placing value on employee ideas and suggestions:

  1. Punctuality. All meetings start and end on time.
  2. No interruptions at staff meetings. Incoming phone calls go to voicemail during meetings to let everyone know he’s serious about the importance of what’s being discussed.
  3. No titles or privileges at meetings. At an effective staff meeting, everyone is equal. Each meeting has a designated leader and the job rotates. The leader is responsible for creating an atmosphere of openness and frankness. 
  4. No hanging back and no monopolizing. Participation is not optional and people who tend to talk too much are encouraged to listen.
  5.  Always have a written agenda. This gives the meeting focus and helps the staff track the problems they are trying to solve.
  6.  Openly discuss issues. Elicit the thoughts and feelings of every staff member.
  7. No defensiveness permitted. Employees are not permitted to be attacking or self-protective. No complaint sessions are allowed.
  8. Support the facilitator. Employees support the facilitator by following the meeting rules. Provide leadership training and offer opportunities for employees to broaden their skills.
  9. Emphasize strong communication skills. Encourage everyone to speak and write clearly.
  10. Encourage a playful environment. Using appropriate humor can offset the intensity of staff meetings.

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