Loyalty Leader University

You Are in Sales No Matter What Your Title

April 6, 2017 / 11:00 a.m. - Noon CST

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If I ask you right now whether or not you are in sales, chances are you would say, “No, I’m in accounts payable or customer service or marketing.” You might even say, “I’m the CEO.” No matter what your job is, you are in sales. Every time you interact with a customer, you are selling your professional credibility, the company’s products or services, and the company’s image. When a customer has a bad experience in shipping, in accounting, in technical support or any other department in your company, you can bet that negative word-of-mouth will follow. That word-of-mouth reduces sales in the same way that customer testimonials increase referrals and sales.

You are selling all the time, so it’s important for you to recognize what your customers want from you. You are impacting your company’s sales, every time you talk with a customer. Your goal should be to want your customer to leave with a strong positive feeling about you and the company. You can help your customers feel comfortable with the decision to buy by reinforcing their decision. Show enthusiasm for your products or services and sincerely thank your customers for choosing your company. Above all, communicate to your customers that everyone in the company is part of one big team whose goal it is to make them happy.


You'll learn:


  • 5 key actions your customers want from you
  • How to reinforce your customers’ buying decisions
  • 10 silent requests your customers are thinking about
  • Why you should never criticize the competition
  • How to pamper your loyal customers to increase sales
  • 6 ways lack of follow-up translates into lost sales
  • Why your customers are your best sales team
  • How to generate customer testimonials
  • 6 ways to exceed your customers’ expectations