Loyalty Leader University

Selling with Style

November 2, 2016 / 10:00am CDT

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One selling style does not fit all customer needs. Based on behavioral styles, customers make their buying decisions based on aspects of service and products that are most important to them. The priority of one type of customer may be the time-saving aspects of service. Another type of customer prefers dealing with friendly, personable employees who take time to chat. Yet another customer may want a lot of stats and research to support his buying decision. Or, maybe
you deal with a customer who needs a great deal of reassurance and guarantees.

During this Webinar, Debra Schmidt will teach you how to identify your customers’ needs based on style differences. Behavioral style selling can increase your sales potential by as much as 25-55%.


You'll learn:

• Identify the characteristics of your own behavioral style
• Evaluate how prospects and customers perceive you
• Improve your personal and professional credibility
• Harness the power of first impressions
• Recognize clues to quickly identify what’s most important to your prospects and customers
• Adapt your communication style to build trust with your customers
• Sell the benefits of your products and services based on each customer’s behavioral style
• Gain a competitive edge resulting in more referrals, more sales and more success