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Managing Your Customers’ Moments of Truth

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A moment of truth is every interaction a customer has with you or your organization. Each moment creates an opportunity for your customer to form an impression about the quality of service you provide. Moments of truth reflect your customer’s experience and each one creates in your customer’s mind an image about your whole organization.

All businesses are judged whenever they interact with their customers. How the phone is answered, the friendliness of a customer service rep, the look of an invoice, receiving a bill in the mail, company vehicles, advertising, the ease of parking, order packaging and the cleanliness of a store are all moments of truth. Great customer service intentions don’t count unless they are backed up by actions and attitudes that demonstrate you really care for your customers. You can have real empathy for a customer but if you can’t communicate that empathy, your customer won’t believe you are being sincere.


You'll learn:

  • How to identify moments of truth in your organization.
  • How you can make each moment of truth have a positive impact.
  • Ways to make your direct customer interactions produce dramatic results.
  • 7 of the most important communication skills you will need to master in order to build customer loyalty.
  • 8 ways to determine whether or not you are taking ownership of great service.
  • 2 questions ou need to ask your customers on a regular basis.
  • How to put yourself in your customers’ shoes.