Loyalty Leader University

How to Deal with Difficult People

June 17, 2022 / 11:00 a.m. - Noon Central

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Webinars come with a full video and workbook for you and your team to follow along with Deb. Program length: approx. 60 minutes. 


Difficult people are unpleasant to be around and they create a great deal of stress for the people who have to work with them. Their unpredictable moods can profoundly impact the way you feel about your job. They are pros at making other people miserable. A difficult person can cause considerable damage to co-worker and customer relationships by shutting down creativity, enthusiasm, and positive energy. His or her negative attitude can lower productivity, morale, and even sales. During this Webinar, Debra Schmidt will teach you how to deal with difficult people.

You will learn:


You'll learn:

  • How to communicate with the someone who’s a “know-it-all”
  • How to deal with the energy drainers
  • How to avoid getting trapped on the gossip train
  • 8 common bullying tactics used by difficult people
  • 4 ways to take care of yourself when avoiding negative people is impossible
  • Causes and cures for dealing with negative, pessimistic people
  • How to deal with people who over-control, micromanage or display contempt for others
  • 5 ways to set and maintain your personal boundaries
  • 7 surefire tips to safeguard your professional reputation