Loyalty Leader University

How to Build Loyalty With Angry Customers

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In every business, mistakes happen and customers get angry. During this Webinar, you’ll learn why customers get angry, even when you’re being nice. You’ll discover new ways to manage complaints. When a customer complains, it means he or she cares enough about your business to give it a second chance. Angry customers are like gold because when a problem is fixed properly and stays fixed, customer loyalty increases!


You'll learn:

  • Startling statistics about customer complaints
  • 6 reasons why customers leave
  • The #1 customer loyalty killer
  • How to stop committing the 7 sins of customer service
  • The top 3 loyalty destroyers and how to avoid them
  • The secrets of calming down an angry customer
  • How to build loyalty even when you transfer a customer’s call or put them on hold
  • 12 ways to stop kissing customers goodbye
  • How to take care of yourself when dealing with a nasty customer
  • How to turn customer anger into customer loyalty