Loyalty Leader University

Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Communications

January 26, 2017 / 11:00 AM - Noon Central

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Eighty-five percent of your career success is in direct proportion to your communications skills. Due to heavy workloads, short staffing and multi-tasking, it’s easy to become a poor communicator. You pretend you’re listening, but in reality, you may miss a lot of what is being said to you.

Sometimes in your desire to handle workplace conversations as quickly as possible, you can neglect the use of common acknowledgments as you communicate. Yet the few extra seconds it takes to add them is well worth the time. If you simply focus on getting the task done and rush through internal and external service requests, you’ll miss tremendous opportunities to build loyalty.

During this program Debra J. Schmidt will teach you how to build much stronger customer and co-worker relationships by improving your communication skills.


You'll learn:

  • Why customers get offended even when you’re trying to be nice
  • The words and phrases you use every day that can damage customer relationships
  • 5 ways to become an active listener… even when you’re busy
  • 16 barriers to effective listening
  • 12 ways to become a better listener
  • Manners vs. multi-tasking
  • 9 communication guidelines that are an absolute must
  • How you can say “NO” to a customer and still build a positive relationship
  • 10 ways to make your customers feel valued, even when you’re busy
  • 5 quick tips to help you build rapport and trust with your customers