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Building Solution-Oriented Teams through the Power of Possibility Thinking

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Why do some people have more success and respond to change more positively than others? They have trained themselves to look for possibilities. Complaint-oriented teams move backwards, solution-oriented teams move forward. This creates energy that generates progress rather than frustration.

Success is not just a matter of luck; it’s dependent upon a professional image and a positive attitude. More often than not, it’s little things that count toward getting you noticed among your superiors and co-workers.

Possibility thinkers know how to present a confident image that supports the goals of the organization and they listen to new ideas with an open mind. They view changes as opportunities and seize them with courage. Possibility thinkers welcome challenging problems and solve them creatively. This webinar will provide you with the tools and insights you need to help you achieve a competitive edge.

Debra J. Schmidt will teach you how to build your professional credibility and create a solution-oriented team through possibility thinking. Don’t miss this program if you want to improve your outlook and learn how to reach greater success by becoming an enthusiasm generator and optimism spreader.


You'll learn:

  • 6 ways to embrace the benefits of change
  • How to project a professional image that will help you achieve greater success
  • How to become a coach rather than a critic
  • How to use “I” language to confirm understanding
  • 8 ways to turn workplace complaints into solutions
  • How to master the skills you need to become a possibility thinker
  • 7 steps to creating solution-oriented meetings
  • How to become a solution-oriented team player
  • 5 easy rules to follow to create a whole team of possibility thinkers
  • How generosity can change your future
  • Create a whole team of possibility thinkers
  • 7 tips to help you to look on the bright side