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Take Time to Praise Your Co-workers

July 21, 2011

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Have you ever found yourself wishing for an occasional pat on the back? If so, you’re not alone. It’s only natural to want some credit for your hard work. One of the most common complaints in the workplace is about a lack of recognition or acknowledgment for a job well done.

You need to take time to praise co-workers who have done a great job. I once worked at a company where we had business cards that read, “Great Job,” “Outstanding Job,” “Exceptionally Outstanding Job.” There was a place to fill in the name of the employee and your name. We could hand them out to any employee who we felt deserved the praise. It was easy to observe the pride and happiness in the faces of the recipients of these cards. They felt honored that someone had recognized the fact that they had done their job well.

Sometimes employees get so competitive they feel that saying something nice about a co-worker would cause them to give up the edge they need in order to get ahead. Or, they only say something nice because they expect something in return.

Cooperation builds success. No employees today are independent of their co-workers. No one can succeed alone, no matter how great his or her ability. Business today is more than ever a question of cooperation. People will grant your requests if you appeal to their self-interest. Keep in mind that co-workers are your internal customers. They may be in some other department, employees in your own area, or your direct supervisor.Maybe you’ve always thought of them as co-workers, or as people you work with rather than for, but make no mistake–these are your primary customers.


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