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Self-Assessment – Are You a Positive or Negative Listener?

January 11, 2012

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Take this quiz to evaluate your listening skills.

An important aspect of communicating well is listening well.  A positive listener makes the person who is speaking feel valued by demonstrating an interest in a sincere way.

Am I a positive listener?

  1. I give encouragement to the person who is speaking and reassure him or her that I’m interested.  True or False
  2. I respond to the speaker, ‘Tell me more about that.’  True or False
  3. I echo or paraphrase important messages to let the speaker know I’m actively listening.  True or False
  4. I ask specific questions and listen for clues as to what the speaker’s deeper interest in the subject may be.  True or False

Am I a negative listener?

  1. I say to the speaker, “I know just what you mean.”  True or False 
  2. I glance away from the speaker while he or she is talking.  True or False
  3. I frequently turn the conversation back to myself to share my opinions or ideas.  True or False
  4. I often think I know the other person’s point of view before he or she has shared it.  True or False  

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