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Naughty or Nice? Check Your List Twice

December 21, 2016

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Being nice is the best customer service and co-worker treatment there is. It doesn’t cost much, and it can pay big time. People like to work and do business with people they like.

It’s easy to be nice to others when they’re being nice to you. But it’s quite another story when the other person is rude or cold. When you find yourself dealing with unpleasant customers, rude co-workers or an ineffective boss, ask yourself, “Am I being naughty or nice?”

In other words, are you choosing to rise above the situation or lowering yourself to the level of the unpleasant person? It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to change the behavior of an unpleasant customer or co-worker, but you can change how you choose to respond to others. To change your response, you need to first assess your own behaviors.

Check your naughty list:

You can check your naughty list by answering “yes” or “no” to each question in this self-assessment:

  • Do I give other people too much power by allowing their behavior to dictate how I feel?
  • Do I get defensive when others verbally attack me or the company for which I work?
  • Do I speak disrespectfully to others about a co-worker, boss or customer I don’t like?
  • Do I participate in the workplace gossip chain?
  • Do I ever act rudely toward others when I’m tired, stressed or not in the mood to be nice?

Now check your nice list:

  • Do I put myself in my customer or co-worker’s place and ask, “If this were me, what would I want?”
  • Do I show my co-workers and customers that I care through simple acts of kindness?
  • Am I patient when someone is asking me for help? (Even when I think they should know how to do it?)
  • Do I listen carefully so I don’t jump to conclusions about what the other person needs?
  • Do I smile often and let people know that I’m approachable?
  • Do I jump in to help customers, even when it’s not my job?
  • Am I supportive and encouraging to my co-workers?
  • Do I treat my boss with respect, even though I may not agree with the way he or she does things?

The quality of customer service cannot exceed the quality of the person who delivers the service. You can establish your own reputation of quality by refusing to react to negative people. When in doubt, choose the “nice” road by following these guidelines:

  • Customers are not always right, but great service is.
  • Co-workers are not always right, but kindness is.
  • Bosses are not always right, but respect is.

During this holiday season, when everyone is hurried, practice being especially nice. Greet everyone with a smile. You are sure to make someone’s day a little brighter, including yours.

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