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All Aboard for the Extra Mile

July 12, 2012

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When our son was around six years old, I took him on his first train trip to Chicago. He was so excited as we carefully selected our seats for the best view. We were chatting about our plans when we heard laughter.We looked up to see Senior Conductor Richard Misunas strolling down the aisle, welcoming everyone. He stopped to ask each passenger if they needed any information about Chicago. Richard spent considerable time giving tips about which sights to see, the best ways to get around, and where to find maps, great restaurants and much more. When he arrived at our seats, he greeted us with a warm smile and gave us tips on how to get to the museums using the free trolley service. My son turned to me and said, “Wow! What a nice guy.” During the rest of the trip, Richard used the intercom to point out historical sites and entertain all of us with humorous stories. Later, as I was strolling through our train car, I noticed that Richard’s willingness to go the extra mile was reflected by wide smiles all around, even on the faces of the harried business commuters.

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