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10 Actions that Cause Customers to Complain

May 4, 2011

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The following actions that cause your customers complain can be taken by any employee in your organization, since everyone is part of the customer service chain.

  1. Your customer feels embarrassed because they were responsible for the mistake that was made.
  2. Your customer was treated rudely.
  3. A promise was made but not kept.
  4. Your customer’s honesty or integrity has been questioned.
  5. No one in the organization was willing to take ownership of your customer’s problem.
  6. Everyone was too busy or unavailable to help your customer resolve his or her problem.
  7. Your customer was told he or she had no reason to be angry.
  8. Your customer was told that he or she was to blame. (Perhaps this is true, but we are not in business to be judges and juries, we are there to provide service regardless of who may have caused the problem).
  9. Your customer’s time was wasted.
  10. Your customer did not feel like anyone actively listened to their concerns.

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