Debra J. Schmidt is
known as the Loyalty Leader®.

  Debra J. Schmidt is known as the Loyalty Leader®.
   She helps companies boost their profits through
    greater customer, employee and brand loyalty. Debra
     provides training and presentations for Fortune
      500 companies, small businesses, professional
       organizations and trade associations.  more
building customer loyalty

Building Customer Loyalty
from the Inside Out

by Debra J. Schmidt
Full of interesting tips, quizzes and compelling true stories of good, bad and ugly customer service. From building a loyalty-focused culture to dealing with angry customers, to boosting the bottom line, you'll learn powerful guidelines for retaining your valuable, existing customers.  more

Training & Speaking

Keep more customers. Retain more employees.
Get more referrals. Sell more products.

Debra Schmidt motivates and educates with humorous, interactive programs that hook even the toughest audiences. You'll learn practical tips and ideas that you can apply to increase customer and employee.  more

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I wanted to send a quick email to let you know how much I enjoy your Loyalty Leader newsletter! I work for L&T Health and Fitness, a health promotion services and fitness management company. We refer to our employees as "SERVICE Leaders" and truly understand the value of customer loyalty. I find most publications way too dry and wordy to hold my attention, therefore, the fresh and creative approach taken by the Loyalty Leader suits me perfectly! I look forward to reading every issue of your newsletter, and find at least one or two things worth forwarding to my co-workers and colleagues of all levels.

Michelle White
Director of Operations
L & T Health and Fitness