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Email Etiquette for Everyone in the Workplace

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Because of its abuse and misuse, email is doing more damage to workplace and customer relationships than any other form of communication. When you use email improperly, it serves as a serious source of frustration for your co-workers. Improper use of email may even be driving your customers away. Even worse, it can put you and your company at serious risk.

Email is the most popular form of communication used in business today. The number of emails sent on an average day is expected to exceed 10 billion worldwide in this coming year. This exceeds the daily number of telephone calls, faxes, and standard mail messages combined!

During this Webinar, Debra J. Schmidt will teach you how to properly use email to make it a highly effective tool for workplace communications. These email etiquette and guidelines will help you to increase your professional credibility when communicating with your co-workers and customers.


You'll learn:

  • The truth behind 6 common email myths
  • How using email improperly can damage customer and co-worker relationships
  • 8 essential elements of email etiquette
  • How to enhance your professional credibility through email messages
  • 5 secrets of using email to build customer and co-worker loyalty
  • 7 easy-to-follow guidelines for creating effective email messages
  • 4 rules for sending attachments
  • How to make long messages easy to read and remember
  • What “flaming” is and how to avoid it before it destroys your reputation
  • Email…when to use it; when to lose it
  • 6 reasons NOT to send email
  • How to create an email risk management team and who should be on it
  • 7 questions you must ask yourself before you click the “send” button
  • The 5 “R”s of managing your overflowing email inbox and keeping your sanity